Solstice Clock -
The Clock

The clock is based on high noon (12pm), being the
brightest time of the day is yellow, then additional
primary colors are placed creating a triangle.  

The primary colors are placed in this order based on astronomy.
When a star is born or new in the universe
, it is blue, and so to
is the clock.  As a star ends it life
, it becomes red "Red Dwarf."
So to
does the clock as the day progresses, changing from blue -
yellow - red.

These concepts are then extended to secondary colors.  The
result is a clock face which tells you the time of day simpl
y by
the color of the

Basically a color wheel is formed where secondary colors are made by
combining the primary colors.
Yellow and blue make green, yellow and red to make orange                  
and red and blue make purple for midnight (12am).

 The result is the face of the clock changes through the entire
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