Solstice Clock -
Introduction to Calendar

The Solstice Clock was built not only simply to tell time but also
for a better way to live within nature or looking to the world
around us for a better balance.

In using this clock over the past two years that patterns have
emerged.  Quite simply in the morning it is green, time to start
the day and in the evening it goes to red to slowly tell you
to stop the days work.


                        8am                                   8pm

The calend
ar can also provide a sense of guidance,
using the calender can help to space out the days you        
take off of work throughout the year providing       
deeper sense of balance.  Each line is formed at an important
juncture in the circle.  Halfway between the solstices are the


These have been traditional holidays worldwide, in addition
every intersection point marks an import day in time which
is affirmed by the ancient calender Stone Henge.

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